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Making Social Realities with Books-Eva Egermann
18 Feb, 2014 -
06 maj, 2014
Eva Egermann
Talk og Workshop

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Crip Magazine and other projects

Med afsæt i materialer fundet i popkultur, historie og sociale bevægelser beskæftiger Eva Egermann sig med, hvordan ting, situationer og kroppe opfattes som normale. I 2013 publicerede hun Crip Magazine som, blandt andre projekter, præsenteres i talk og i workshop i rum46.


The talk and the workshop inquire into the presence of deviance in aesthetic representations and ways to create, publish and distribute different sorts of materials through the medium of magazines, art projects and various sorts of cultural productions, challenging "normal land". We will look at appropriations and resistances from social movements concerning disability, illness, abnormality and deviance in different times and places, and furthermore discuss art projects, texts, concepts of theory, materials in the Crip Magazine and the projects by the participants or context-based ideas.

Crip Magazine and Other Projects

"Writing is a "technology of cyborgs," as Donna Haraway puts it. Cyborgs struggle against perfect communication, the one "code" that translates and transmits all meaning perfectly. This is the way cyborgs insist on noise and advocate pollution. Noise Publishing." Eva Egerman is working with materials that are found in Pop culture, History and Social Movements often dealing with how things, situations and bodies are perceived as normal. She makes videos, installations, performances, magazines or organizes exhibitions. Some of the projects, such as the Crip Magazine, will be presented together with other research/materials that also will be be discussed more closely in the workshop.

About: Eva Egermann is an artist based in Vienna. She is currently a PhD student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and recently curated the exhibition "On Uncanny States and Bodies" in Lakeside Klagenfurt 2013, and in 2010 co-curated "2 or 3 things we've learned. Intersections of Art, Pedagogy and Protest..."


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